2024-25 Team Formation - updated


RSC 2024-25 tryout sessions have concluded.  The team formation process for 2024-25 teams is completed for many of the teams.

A couple of general notes about the team formation process for reference:

-Players who have earned a roster spot with an RSC team for 2024-25 will receive a communication from the club with the offer, which will include additional details, instructions, and a link to accept or decline.  It will be an email from RSC's registration platform.

-Team formation is a process that takes some time, with offers going out group by group.  We will do our best to get the process started for all groups as soon as we can; but it will not be simultaneous for all groups.

-If your player does not receive an offer initially, that does not necessarily mean that he/she won't end up with an offer.  Please be patient and let the process play out.  Once team formation for an age group is done, any players who have not earned an offer will be contacted by club leadership with an update.

-If your player receives an offer, please respond as soon as you can to avoid delaying the process for others.  Note that, if we have enough interest and ability to look at forming two or more teams at an age group, one team must finish forming before any work can begin to form an additional team.

-Please be aware that we cannot set our trainer assignments for next season until we have our team line-up (total number of teams and the breakdown by age group) confirmed.  Similarly, we will not have any training schedule details until sometime this summer, once we obtain the fall field layout and the details of RSC's field access.

See below for current information on the process by age group:


2011 - Rising Rams completed

2012 - Rangers completed

2013 - United completed; Raptors completed

2014 - Wildcats completed; Leos completed

2015 - Knights completed; Renegades completed

2016 - Red Bulls completed; New 2016 Boys team (name TBD) completed

2017 - New 8U Team (name TBD) completed


2012 - Power completed

2013 - Rhythm completed (room for additional players)

2014 - Storm completed

2015 - Rockstars started

2016 - Rascals completed (room for additional players)

2017 - New 8U Team (name TBD) completed (room for additional players)


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If your player missed tryouts but is interested in travel soccer with RSC, please contact RSC's Tryout Director.