Randolph Travel Teams 2023-24

Please see the list of RSC Teams below.  
For any team playing in Morris County Youth Soccer Association League, you may find your team schedules and standings (once posted by the league) by clicking HERE to go to MCYSA's website.

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Randolph Soccer Club Teams 2023-24

2016/17 Boys (8U)

Randolph Red Bulls

2016/17 Girls (8U)

Randolph Rascals

2015 Boys (9U)

Randolph Knights

2015 Boys (9U)

Randolph Renegades

2015 Girls (9U)

Randolph Rockstars

2014 Boys (10U)

Randolph Wildcats

2014 Boys (10U)

Randolph Leos

2014 Girls (10U)

Randolph Storm

2013 Boys (11U)

Randolph United

2013 Boys (11U)

Randolph Raptors

2013 Girls (11U)

Randolph Rhythm

2012 Boys (12U)

Randolph Rangers

2012 Girls (12U)

Randolph Power

2011 Boys (13U)

Randolph Rising Rams

2011 Girls (13U)

Randolph Rockets